Stylecraft Pattern 9139


Cotton DK 9139

This stunning Classique Cotton DK throw and cushion will be a real hit with your friends and family. Crochet your own colours to suit any theme, the bold outline transforms the details of the pattern into a vibrant colourful display.

Pattern Errata: Rows 3 to 8 form the patt. Rep rows 3 to 8, 3 more times (80 shells) and then cont with Rows 3 and 4 only until shawl measures approx 35.5cm, 14in, ending with Row 4 (loop row) of patt.

TO MAKE UP Make tassels to the length you require and attach evenly to bottom of shawl (fold the tassel in half, feeding fold through a loop at the edge of the shawl and then feeding the loose ends through the loop made by the fold, pulling tightly to secure.

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