Knitting Needles Classic


The PONY Classic Knitting Range is a comprehensive range, designed to meet the needs of every knitting enthusiast. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, in this case superior grade ABS plastic which is lightweight and flexible, the PONY Classics are the ideal solution for all knitters.

Please select size and length of needle required using the drop down box.

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Knitting Needles

2.50mm/30, 3.00mm/30, 3.25mm/30, 3.50mm/30, 3.75mm/30, 4.00mm/30, 4.50mm/30, 5.00mm/30, 5.50mm/30, 6.00mm/30, 10.00mm/30, 12.00mm/30, 2.75mm/35, 3.25mm/35, 3.50mm/35, 3.75mm/35, 4.00mm/35, 4.50mm/35, 5.00mm/35, 5.50mm/35, 6.00mm/35, 6.50mm/35, 7.00mm/35, 8.00mm/35, 9.00mm/35, 10.00mm/35, 12.00mm/35, 7.00mm/30, 8.00mm/30, 9.00mm/30, 3.00mm/35, 15.00mm/35


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